I heard reglazing doesn’t last long.  Is that true?

There are many different companies out there that have different levels of quality coatings and workmanship.  We offer high quality materials and experienced workmanship.  With proper maintenance and cleaning, there is no reason why you can’t get 10 or more years from our reglazed tubs and tile.

What is it you do that makes your tubs last longer?

First of all, we use the best quality coating products.  We start every job by thoroughly cleaning, then etching the surfaces to prepare them for the reglazing material.  Then we use a chemical bond for adhesion.  After proper preparation, we spray on two coats of the best epoxy primer we have found on the market.  Then we spray two coats of an alaphatic acrylic for high gloss and easy cleaning.

How do you clean reglazed surfaces?

Easy! Acrylics are easy surfaces to clean.  You can probably use the same cleaner you use now.  Foams, gels and liquids (with no grit) are all fine.  To keep its shine, do not use abrasives or bleaches.

How long do I have to wait to use my tub after it’s reglazed?

Our product dries quickly and you can use the tub after only 24 hours.

My tub was painted or reglazed before.  Can it be done again?

Yes.  We just have to strip off the old surface, which costs an additional $100.

How long does it take to reglaze a tub and/or tile?

It takes about 1½-2 hours for a tub, 3-4 hours for a tub with surrounding tile or a shower stall, and about one day for an entire bathroom.  And it will be ready to use the next day!

My fiberglass tub or shower has a crack in it that’s leaking.  Can you fix it?

In most cases, yes, we can. We would be happy to look at it to make sure it can be fixed. In some cases, unfortunately, replacement is the only option.

I’ve got a pink tub from the sixties.  Can I change the color?

Yes, you can.  Our standard colors are white and bone and we can do most custom colors for only $50 more.  So you can reglaze the tub in white or change to a whole new color of your choice.

I currently like to use a bathmat on my tub.  Can I still use one?

We don’t recommend using a bathmat on a reglazed tub.  If you have to use one, it must be removed promptly after use so that the area can completely dry.  We do offer a non-skid surface, which we apply directly to the bottom of the tub for only $50.